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Starting the Drift Season on a Good Note

2011 has been an epic year so far for Justin Pawlak, from working on new projects at Hotline along side Ryan Clemens to leading the Formula D series in points going into the 4th round in New Jersey.  Testing the 2011 Falken Ford Mustang, built by ASD, in North Carolina went exceptionally well according to JTP.  He stated the car was so much faster and felt just plain “Awesome”.   With his confidence in the car, Justin, was ready for the drift season to begin.

The first Formula Drift event at the streets of Long Beach was insane with the amount of pressure, expectations of fans and thousands of spectators.  Long Beach is one of the events that sets the bar early on.  With the high level of excitement from a street course filled with a full grid of exceptional drivers, Justin Pawlak was prepared with the Falken ASD crew by his side.  They worked together to plan their strategy for the weekend in hopes of a podium finish. 

Friday, Justin pulled a good qualifying run leading him to run the main event.  Saturday gates open, the top 32 drivers ready to do battle .  JTP paired to tandem Megan Racing Cyrus Martinez, JTP moves on top 16.  In top 16 Justin prepared to run Falken team mate DMac.  Darren lead Justin chased, small mistake on Darrens lead run gave Justin an oppurtunity to run a solid line to ultimately moving him on top 8.

The Final 4: Justin Pawlak vs. Daijiro Yoshihara  and Chris Forsberg vs. Matt Powers.

JTP and Daijiro both had small mistakes on during their first battle.  During the OMT, great clean runs but the mustang was able to pull away, leaving a gap between the second run where JTP lead. Justin moves on to battle for first place.

Battling for first place Justin knew Matt Powers would be running strong, there was no place for errors.   He focused on leaving no gaps staying on him at every turn.  The final outcome  was Justin Pawlak taking a long awaited first place, "I have worked so hard to get to this moment and with the help of my team, Falken, ASD, family and friends I've accomplished what I have aimed for." JTP.

Here are a few photos of Formula Drift Street of Long Beach event.

ENKEI Vintage Style ENKEI92 T-Shirt

ENKEI Vintage Style ENKEI92 T-Shirt

Fort Worth, TX  - Enkei Wheels is proud to introduce the ENKEI92 Vintage Style T-Shirt.  Featuring the old school Enkei logo on front and a print of the legendary ENKEI92 wheel on the back.  Printed on a classic style 100% cotton super soft t-shirt using a no-feel printing process.  With this t-shirt, you’ll not only represent a legendary wheel and time period in automotive history, but you'll also love the super soft feel of the fabric and the no-feel print.

Available in black with gray print or black with tan print in small through XXL.   Priced at $20 (S-XL) and $22 (XXL). Exclusively available on Enkei.com.

Click through: http://enkei.com/enkei92-shirt.html

For more information please contact Enkei at 800-875-3100

Contact info: www.enkei.com <http://www.enkei.com>  , 800-875-3100

Alex Nunez
Marketing & Communications
Enkei International, Inc.
Ph: 817-490-5643
Fx: 817-490-5604
Visit our blog!

About Enkei Wheels
In 1950, Enkei started in Japan as Enshu Keigokin Co., LTD., which translates as “Light Alloy of the Province of Enshi.” Enkei’s technical knowledge developed through the manufacturing of aircraft parts and
was later utilized in the development of cast aluminum motorcycle and automobile engines. Today, Enkei has established itself as a pioneer of aluminum casting and its reputation, like the business, has gone global. Enkei, a recognized leader of worldwide alloy wheel production, delivers in excess of 10,000,000 wheels a year and has manufacturing facilities in Asia, Japan, India, China and the United States.

The Enkei brand is highly respected, being embraced by leading auto manufacturers worldwide as their brand-name wheels and also receiving overwhelming support in the global aftermarket. It is Enkei’s vision to create the ideal aluminum wheel that supports racecar drivers in their passion for winning, while providing an aesthetically appealing wheel at the same time. Enkei aluminum wheels continue to be driven over the roads of the world by car lovers who deserve the very best.

In response to the increasing demand of this new millennium for energy conservation and pollution reduction, automobile technology is continuing to advance into new directions. The same high demands are also being placed on auto parts. The key words within this framework are precision, high durability, and weight reduction. Enkei has continued to provide excellent aluminum parts to the automobile industry, with its command of precision aluminum casting technology in the development and manufacturing of wheels and a multitude of other automotive parts. To meet the new demands of our customers, Enkei endeavors to meet all challenges with continued quality improvements to realize the optimum performance of all aluminum parts. The role of aluminum parts, as a motorization–supporting technology, is becoming increasingly vital. This is where the rewards for Enkei technological advancements lie.

In 1986, Enkei actively became involved in motorsports by supplying three-piece wheels to the F1 Team, Minardi. In racing, there are no compromises and the passion to maximize performance is never ending. Enkei’s involvement at the highest levels of competition enables our engineers to apply our technology to the ultimate test. In 1995, Enkei became an official sponsor for Team McLaren, which won championships in 1998 and 1999. In addition, Enkei wheels were supplied to Mitsubishi Ralliart, which competes in the World Rally Championship (WRC). This team won four consecutive championships from 1996 to 1999. In a sport where the gap between winning and losing is less than a millisecond, no compromises can be accepted with the installation of F1 machine parts. WRC rally cars, on the other hand, require parts that provide not only engine performance but also ultimately strong metallic integrity to be able to take off faster than any other car under the most unimaginable extreme conditions. Only the Enkei wheel is reliable enough to serve these strict demands of competitiveness and strength. These highly durable and dependable wheels support these championship drivers in their heated race for the finish line. The Enkei wheel stands alone as the world’s leading performance wheel. Enkei also supplies wheels to teams that race in Japan GT Championship (Super GT), Super Taikyu, Formula and D1 Drift, and SCCA. Direct from the racetrack to the street, Enkei’s advanced technical processes make wheels stronger, lighter and more durable for the track or the street.

Enkei’s research and development, along with production, continues to demand the highest level of quality possible. The aluminum wheel possesses a very simple structure, however, within this simple circular wheel lays unlimited possibilities. With incremental changes in areas such as material quality improvement, form research, design refinement, and manufacturing methods, the capabilities of the aluminum wheel will be stretched even further. New products born from such technological improvements will be given a new lease on life through advanced factory systems as they make their way out into the world.

Enkei’s motto “One Step Forward” promotes courage to take that next
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Hot Line 50+mm wide rear fenders are here!!!

Ok, so i've been wanting to make these for a while.. finally found a spot to make them

These fenders are by far the best looking rear fenders I've had on my car..  they fit really tight to the body near the door and tail light, and flair only around the wheel, while keeping the factory lines of the car.  when used with the shine front fenders it's a really nice look for the car.

They can be pushed to fit around 30mm wide or flexed to fit around 80mm wide.  They're by far the most versatile fender available for the FC.

I've had 18x11-21, 18x12-9, 18x10.5-5 all under them and been able to flex or push to fit.

Price is $350/pair (+shipping)  email HotLinePerformance@gmail.com to place an order

18x10.5 -5



Price is $350/pair +sh, and are available now!!!

please contact me at: HotLinePerformance@gmail.com to order a set!

Where has JTP been?

Well Hot Line has been crazy busy, Ryan and I have been making some pretty cool stuff... here's a quick look at what's been going on...

s13 front tubs

ver.2 control arms and a look at the new angle with the ver.2 spindles

RadDan's cage

that's it for now.. there's been a lot more going on, but I have to keep that on wraps for now..

Hot Line T-shirts and Hats!

Finally got them done..

T-shirts sizes s, m, l, xl $20 ea

Black fitted hat size s/m or l/xl $20 ea

Black/White fitted trucker hat $20 ea

Black/Black fitted trucker hat $20 ea

Falken Tire Video!

Check out this video from New Jersey Formula D featuring the Falken Tire Drift team taking 1st and 2nd place.

Full Lock

Finished up another set of spindles along with some other front end modifications for Bill Holt of Long Beach.

Here's some pics of his white/black FC, check that LOCK!

Hot Line UPDATE!!

So a lot's been going on here at Hot Line although I haven't had any recent updates..  so check out what we've been up to....

Dave Briggs S14- redid the front end tube work and make a bash bar that hugs the inside of the vertex bumper.  I don't have any finished pics, but it came out awesome!!

John (OilCover's) FC-  FD legal roll cage

layin beads!

Rolled Bimmer fenders to fit some HRE Dubs!

Lanc3slide's Formula D s14-  FD legal cage, shaved firewall, stitch welded front end, removed rear deck etc..

Alex Frances FC-  Removable door bars, tight fit..

Tony Angelo's old Falken FD came in for some refreshing-  swapped out the trans, welded up some front and rear tow hooks, welded up the wastegate flange among other things... getting it ready for some dorifto!!

layin beads!

JTP and the Falken Brostang is featured on SpeedHunters.com

check out the feature on speedhunters.com!

JTP and the Brostang

thanks Mike G for the feature!
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